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5 Principles to Live By to Create a More Meaningful Life

April 16, 2021


Being alive is such a beautiful and precious thing, but it doesn’t always feel that way, to be honest. Sometimes different circumstances in our lives can weigh us down and leave us feeling angry, sad, or even depressed. So I wanted to share with you five principles to live by that will help you get through the challenging moments and create a life filled with purpose & meaning.

5 Principles to Live By

1. When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

Albert Einstein once observed that the most fundamental and significant decision you have to make in your life is this: “do I live in a friendly or a hostile universe?”

Do I live in a world where everyone and everything is out to get me, a world in which nothing ever works out for me? A world filled with pain and suffering? Is that all you see? Because when you only see the world that way, that’s precisely what you will create for yourself in your life.

Or do you want to imagine a world where you know everything is working out exactly as it should for you? That there are no coincidences, that the Universe is conspiring with you to give you all that your soul desires. 

Every heartbreak, pain, joy, and happiness you experience all come together to serve your highest good. So the next time you experience something difficult, ask yourself: how does this serve me? How will this help me grow? How can I be of service at this moment? How can I meet this moment, this person, this situation with compassion and love?

Change starts from within. 

We react to situations based on our beliefs, fears, insecurities, and past experiences. These can often skew our perception of reality. So whenever you face challenges, examine your feelings and thoughts to dive deep into how you really feel in that moment and why you’re feeling that way.

Remember not to take anything personally. Everyone else is also trying their best in their own way to live, and they, too, have insecurities, fears, and difficulties that they face. In most cases, the hurt and pain that people inflict on others come from wounds that they themselves have not healed.

Start with the woman in the mirror.

We can make a huge difference in our lives by shifting our focus away from relying on others to make a change or on external factors to improve our situation. Instead, let’s work on transforming and healing ourselves from within.

You create your reality. You control how you experience this world. Let’s bring more love and compassion into our experience.

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2. There are no justified resentments.

No matter what anybody says to you, no matter what kind of anger is directed towards you, and no matter how much hate you may encounter showing up in your life, there are no justified resentments. 

If you carry around resentment inside you about anything or anyone, those resentments will always end up harming YOU and create in you a sense of despair. If you keep holding on to the disappointments or pain caused by someone who might have betrayed or abused you, you will not allow yourself to heal.

Don’t get me wrong, these are painful experiences, and how you feel about these experiences is valid. But do you want to continue to be shackled by the past, or do you want to live a life of freedom, releasing all the things that hold you down?

No one ever dies from a snake bite. The snake bite will never kill you. You cannot be un-bitten once you’re bitten; you’re bitten. But it’s the venom that continues to pour through your system after the bite that will end up destroying you.

Let it go, dear one, and LIVE.

3. What you think is what you become.

There are many ways to get what we want for ourselves, but it all begins with how we choose to think. “As you think, so shall you be.” These seven little words, I think, are perhaps the most important things that we can learn and master in our lives.  

Once you know what you think about is what expands, you start being really careful about what to think about. You don’t allow your thoughts to be on anything you wouldn’t want to have manifested or shown up in your life.

My challenge to you is to become more aware of your thoughts. What have you been thinking about lately? Does it line up with what you want to manifest in your life? If not, start getting intentional about what you focus on and where you place your energy.

4. Have a mind that is open to everything but attached to nothing. 

One of my life’s central principles is that no one knows enough to be a pessimist about anything. When we close our minds to what is possible for us or what is possible for Humanity, we close off the genius that resides and lives in each one of us. 

Having an open mind doesn’t necessarily mean finding fault with everything others have taught you; it means opening yourself up to the potentiality and the possibility that anything and everything is possible. It also means opening yourself up to new ways of thinking and being without holding yourself hostage to past ideals and customs.

When we open our minds to new possibilities, we also allow others the freedom to be themselves in the way they choose to live, think, and express themselves. 

Often, we get offended by what someone else says or does because it’s different from how we believe things should be. But a mind that is open to everything and attached to nothing is a mind that says, I’m never looking for anything to be offended by, and that whatever anybody else has to say, my response to that is: “that’s an interesting point of view, I’ve never considered that before.”

5. Don’t die with your music still in you.

Who better to quote than Thoreau when he said, “some of us hear a different drummer, and we must march to the music we hear.” All of you have some music playing, and all of you have a heroic mission.

There are no accidents in this Universe. We all show up here with a purpose. There’s an intelligence that is a part of everything and everyone, and all of us are connected to it. But, too many of us are afraid to listen to that music and march to it.

For some of you, there’s a book you want to write or a song you want to compose; maybe you want to open up an ice cream shop or start a business, or perhaps you just want to travel and see the world.

All of us feel drawn to something, and in Leo Tolstoy’s famous novel “The Death of Ivan Illyich,” he asks this question to his accountant while lying on his deathbed: “What if my whole life has been wrong?”

Whoever you are, whatever that music is, however distant it may sound, however strange, however weird others may interpret it to be, don’t get to the end of your life and know that you’re going to leave and not have it played yet.

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Share your light with the world

In this very moment, you are the answer someone has been waiting for, for a very long time. Think about that for a second. Many of the world’s issues persist today because many of us are afraid to answer the call. One of my favorite quotes states: “If not me, then who, if not now, then when.

I know it’s hard, and I know it feels scary. But as Rebecca Campbell reminds us, it’s time:

  • to open yourself up to be seen, 
  • to share your incredible, multifaceted, true nature with the world around you,
  • to uncover and reveal your soul’s greatest gifts without wavering,
  • and to own your uniqueness without apology. ⁠

You may have been taught that it’s safer to keep your light hidden and your voice small, to hide who you are instead of revealing your unique nature. ⁠

⁠But I am here to remind you that it’s safe to embody all of who you truly are. It’s safe to share your voice and let yourself be seen. At first, it may feel uncomfortable, and you may be afraid of what others think, but with each passing day, it does become easier. Little by little, you’ll begin to draw in those who are meant for you, and experiences you’ve been longing for will arrive at your feet.⁠

So, don’t die with your music still in you. Don’t deny the world the unique beauty and magic you bring to this lifetime.

So, how are you being called to share your light with the world?

Grab a copy of our free purpose worksheet to help you get some insights into how you can share your soul’s gifts and make a difference in the world.

Final thoughts

I hope that these five principles to live by will help you navigate the exciting but sometimes tricky waters of life. We would love to get your thoughts on these, and if you have other principles that you hold dear, please drop them in the comments below.

I love, honor, and appreciate you.

Thanks for reading!

Post Source & InspirationDr. Wayne Dyer and Fearless Soul.

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