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Life Purpose Coaching Program

Boldly step into your purpose and make a radical impact

Have you ever felt like:

If this sounds like you, you’re not alone. I’ve been there! And I know how frustrating, scary, and lonely it can feel.

Now, imagine if you could:

If this sounds like what you’ve been looking for, you’re in the right place.

Introducing Bloom

Life purpose coaching program

Bloom is an 8-week transformational program designed to help you uncover your purpose and make a radical impact. You’ll be able to explore your talents, passions, & aspirations to guide you towards a fulfilling life that aligns with your values and helps you unlock your full potential.

Coaching program outline

Please find below an outline of our Bloom program. Our proven, step-by-step system is backed by years of experience, training, and research.

Week one: Childhood Influences

During the first week, you will examine your childhood influences, conditioning, and the roles you learned to play.

Week Two: Passions and Interests

You will explore what you have been passionate about, both as a child and an adult, as well as how to “find your passion” by developing your interests.

Week Three: Talents and Skills

You will identify your natural gifts as well as the skills you’ve acquired over your lifetime that have uniquely prepared you to reach your potential.

Week Four: Personality

You will explore your natural inclinations, temperament, and preferences to help identify what you are best suited for.

Week Five: Life Experiences

You will reflect on your life-changing experiences, coincidences, and turning points that have led you down your current path.

Week Six: Clarifying Your Purpose

We will combine your unique gifts, experiences, values, and the depth of who you truly are to uncover your life’s purpose and calling.

Week Seven: Eliminating Limiting Beliefs

You will banish limiting belief systems, fears, and any subconscious programming preventing you from realizing your potential and stepping into your purpose.

Week Eight: Creating Your Action Plan

We will make a plan with actionable steps for how you will bring your purpose to life and make the difference you were born to make—whether through a career, business, or non-profit.

Please note that our coaching sessions are tailored to meet your individual needs. So, we may spend less or more time on certain areas depending on what would be most beneficial for you.

Life purpose coaching sessions

Here's what to expect

60-Minute video calls

One-on-one personalized coaching sessions designed to dive deep, explore and uncover the answers within you.

Interactive sessions

For some sessions, we'll use a virtual whiteboard to work through our coaching activities.

Detailed coaching plan

Before your coaching sessions, we’ll send you exactly what we'll be covering & what you need to do to prepare.

Self-reflection prompts

Between each life purpose coaching session, you'll be given prompts to help you explore a topic more deeply.

Hands-on resources

Helpful worksheets, templates or guides that you can use to put into practice what you've learned.

Email support

Between sessions, I'll be available via email to answer any questions you may have about what we've covered.

In Four Easy Steps

Here's how to get started

Apply to the program

Start by filling out our application form so we can learn more about you and what you hope to achieve from this program.

Book free discovery call

During the call, we’ll discuss your current situation & answer any questions you have about the life purpose coaching sessions.

Schedule coaching sessions

After the discovery call, you’ll receive a link to schedule the eight coaching sessions included in the Bloom program.

Start 8-week program

We’ll have a 60-minute call each week for eight weeks. Each call will focus on a specific topic to help you uncover your life purpose.

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Meet your coach

Hello, I'm Val

I’m the founder of the Unfolding Rose, a certified life purpose coach, philanthropist, and travel addict. For over a decade, I’ve been helping others transform their lives by finding their purpose and embracing their true path. The Unfolding Rose was started because of the transformation I’ve experienced in my own life, which inspired me to let go of what no longer served me, embrace my true potential, and build a life doing work I love.

On our journey together, I’ll provide you with the essential steps to create a life that aligns with your dreams, passions, and purpose. I am excited about the magic you’ll create in this world, and I look forward to being a part of your journey.


What clients are saying

Life purpose coaching cost

Your investment in your dreams

Payment Option 1
One-Time Payment of:
Payment Option 2
Two Payments of:

By the end of the program, you will...

Gain a clear understanding of your life purpose and how to bring it to fruition, and make the radical impact you were born to make in the world.

Awaken your strengths, values, and passions to uncover hidden potential and talents, leading to a deeper sense of self-awareness and authenticity.

Develop actionable goals and create a roadmap to achieve them, breaking down big dreams into manageable steps for progress and success.

Identify and overcome limiting beliefs and fears that hold you back, empowering you to move past obstacles with confidence and resilience.

Receive support and accountability from a coach who will keep you motivated, focused, and on track towards reaching your full potential.

Experience transformative growth, increased self-confidence, and a renewed sense of purpose that empowers you to live a more fulfilling and meaningful life.

Here are a Few

Frequently asked questions

Life purpose coaching helps you to uncover and pursue your life’s purpose. It involves exploring one’s passions, values, strengths, interests, and unique experiences to determine the direction one wants to take in life.

A life purpose coach can help you gain a deeper understanding of who you are, clarify your goals, create a plan of action, and provide support and accountability as you work towards achieving your objectives.

The ultimate goal of life purpose coaching is to help you live a more fulfilling and meaningful life by aligning your actions with your core values and passions.

Life purpose coaching can be beneficial for anyone who feels lost, stuck, or unfulfilled in their current career or life path and wants to discover what they truly want to do with their lives.

Through life purpose coaching, you will work closely with a coach to clarify your purpose in a safe and supportive environment.

The coaching process involves various techniques such as self-reflection exercises, mindfulness practices, visualization, brainstorming, and goal setting.

Yes. We’ll work with you to identify what type of ongoing support is needed after you’ve completed the program.

Support can involve bi-weekly or monthly check-ins to help you stay on track with your goals. 

During your check-ins, we’ll discuss what you’ve accomplished, what worked, what didn’t work, any challenges you experienced, and how you can overcome those challenges.

Although payment in full is preferred, easy payment options are available upon request.

Option 1: You can make two payments of $999. The first payment is due at the start of the program. The second payment is due after 4 weeks.

Option 2: You can finance your full payment amount through PayPal Credit with no interest if paid in full in 6 months. Subject to credit approval.

Ready to discover your life's purpose and calling?

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