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I’m the CEO & founder of the Unfolding Rose, a certified life-purpose coach, philanthropist, and travel addict. For over a decade, I’ve been helping others transform their lives by finding their purpose and embracing their true path.

The Unfolding Rose was started because of the transformation I’ve experienced in my life, which inspired me to let go of what no longer served me and embrace my true potential.

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What I Believe
You have greatness in you. You have unlimited power and potential in you.
Your unique gifts, experiences & strength, will positively change the world.
How It All Started

My journey to purpose

As a child, I grew up with the sense that we are all a part of a bigger plan, that our existence has meaning, and that we came here to make a difference.

But somewhere along the line, life happened. During my teenage years, the things I encountered and the expectations of others influenced how I perceived myself.

I learned that perfection and performance equal acceptance and that you would be treated differently when you didn’t perform as expected.

By the time I became an adult, a lot of “who I am was buried beneath all the disappointments, the harsh realities of life, and the labels placed on me by others.

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I felt lost

As an adult, I was doing what most people do:

  • Wake up. Sit in traffic.
  • Go to work.
  • Come home.
  • Have ‘fun’ on the weekends.
  • Do it all again on Monday.

I remember sitting on my couch one day and thinking there must be more to life than this.

I made over six figures, had supportive friends & family, and pretty much everything I thought I wanted, but I couldn’t shake the feeling that something was missing.

For a while, I noticed that the passion that I once felt for life was slowly dying. Every day felt like a repeat of the previous day, and an unshakeable emptiness was inside.

There was a deep calling telling me there’s something more you’re meant to do.

So I did the unpredictable

I gave my two-week notice and booked my first solo trip to Bali. I stayed in Bali for a month, and during that time, I experienced an entirely new culture, met beautiful souls, and tried new things. But most importantly, I took the time to rest, reconnect with my soul, and remember who I was before the world told me who I should be.

This is where my journey home to myself really started. I had to shed a lot of the things I picked up along the way to uncover the “me” beneath it all. This took time, patience, and hard work. But taking the time to rediscover “who I am” has brought me clarity, direction, and purpose.

With this new lease on life, I decided to rewrite my story: to choose who I want to be and how I want to show up in this world and to do something that would set me on fire again, something meaningful, that would make a difference in people’s lives. And that decision brought me here to you today. My mission is to help you discover your purpose and the impact you were born to make.

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