The World Needs You to Be You – Jay Shetty

September 25, 2020

Hi beautiful soul, I came across this inspirational video by Jay Shetty that I wanted to share with you. I believe that so many of us struggle with becoming who we are because we allow ourselves to be influenced by our families, friends, and society’s expectations. Never lose sight of the beauty, wonder, and pure magic you bring to this world.

Do not deny the world the gift that you are. There is so much in you that the world needs.

Don’t try to fit in with what others think you should do; forge your own path. Dare to be different, dare to be you. Why be mediocre at something when you can be amazing at something else. “Don’t trade who you are for who you think the world needs because the world needs you to be YOU, ” Jay Shetty.

So go ahead, girl, and live your life doing what sets your soul on fire and being who you were meant to be. You can do this!


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Valene Lindsay

Valene Lindsay

As the CEO & founder of the Unfolding Rose, I am passionate about helping women reconnect to their higher self, discover their purpose & create a life they truly desire.

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